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The Macro Mama of 5

I'm a certified macro nutrition coach, a wife, and a mom to five kids who keep my life busy and fun.

After countless battles with weight fluctuation and numerous failed attempts at fleeting diet trends, I finally found the recipe for success! Unlocking the power of macro tracking was my game-changer.

My incredible coaching journey began with a simple step - tracking my own keto macros. After dedicating eighteen months to my weight loss journey and enduring a strict diet, I finally realized the need for a long-term, sustainable solution to maintain my hard-earned results. Transforming my body was my ultimate goal. Despite shedding the pounds, I lacked the sculpted look I craved. My weight loss was pure numbers, devoid of any shape or muscle. That's when a macro coach entered the scene, sparking my obsession with nutrition and macros.

Through years of continuous growth and expanding my knowledge, I have transformed into an expert in the field. My passion for guiding others towards attaining optimal food balance has blossomed alongside this journey.


certified macro coach
certified macro coach
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macro coach


Wondering if 1:1 coaching is for you? Tell me if any of this sounds familiar?

Are you ready to change your diet and nutrition with a driven mindset?

Do you need help learning how to prioritize yourself and your health amidst a busy schedule?

Have you had enough of restricting foods, fad diets, and quick fixes, and are seeking a sustainable approach?

Are you seeking support, accountability, and science-backed research to achieve balanced nutrition?

Are you eager to experience a holistic transformation encompassing mind and body?

If you resonate with these, my 1:1 coaching is designed for you. I offer tailored nutrition, personalized fitness, and unwavering support to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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"I am happy with the results! Yes, I see the difference in my body composition. Multi inches lost! And I actually have muscles now! I'm getting rid of things because they are too big, not too small. Overall, I just feel better. Heartburn is rare these days, so I'm not eating Tums every day like I was before. My digestion, as a whole, is just so much better.

-1:1 Coaching Client

"I recently did a Taste of Macros with Katie. I learned so much from her in that six weeks. I started lifting heavier and heavier in the gym. I felt way more energy. I started noticing more definitions in my arms. I even started getting definition in my stomach. All this in just a six-week session with her. When I started this six weeks, it was right before Thanksgiving. So in my six weeks, we had three major food holidays. I loved that when it came to holidays, she told us not to log food, to eat what we wanted, and to enjoy the day and the food. It's nice to have a program that truly ALL FOOD FITS. No food shaming, no harsh restrictions; this is truly meant to set you up for a lifetime, not just a crash diet that may last a month before you burn out."

-1:1 Coaching Client



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certified macro coach
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